About Me

Hi!  My name is Lauren and welcome to The Flightalista. I am a twenty-something year old Flight Attendant, based in my hometown of Vancouver, Canada.

After having put off starting this blog for 2-3 years I finally decided to get real and make it a reality. In January 2017, I had an epiphany if you will, and decided that it was time to become the boss babe that I have always wanted to be. The Flightalista is a large part of that. I have found a platform to talk about and share the things I love, with the hopes of inspiring others.

I embarked upon career as a Flight Attendant six years ago. It has enabled me to travel to some amazing places around the world with the opportunity of meeting some incredible people along the way. When I am not in my uniform, I am most likely planning my next outfit and researching new travel destinations. I also like to experiment in the kitchen with healthy recipes and cuddle with my neighbour’s adorable cat Moe (pictured above).

Basically The Flightalista encompasses what I will refer to as my day job as a Flight Attendant and the little Fashionista that I get to be when I am not at work!

Ultimately, I hope my blog inspires you to do what you love and get out there and explore the world.
You can follow along with me on Instagram and Twitter for daily style, travel and lifestyle inspiration.
Thanks for stopping by!

xo Lauren