Cozy Winter Feels


I may not have pushed my way through a stack of old, dusty fur coats and mothballs in a giant wardrobe and stepped out into the beautiful winter wonderland of Narnia, but it sure feels like it! When I first read “The Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe” this is how I pictured it to look. For Vancouverites however, when it starts to snow, life as we know it comes to a complete and utter stand still. It’s amazing how these pretty, delicate little snowflakes can paralyze an entire city. Schools and businesses alike shut down, the roads turn into ice rinks (people literally have been ice skating in the streets), and the clever ones jet off to exotic sun destinations to escape the ‘snowpocalyse’  and trade in their porcelain skin for a golden tan.

Since snow is such a rarity and Vancouver having one of the most mild climates in the country, it’s beauty and short lived presence is one to be admired. I love how gorgeous the trees lines look blanketed in snow, and spotting the majestic animals that start to emerge in search of warm shelter and something to eat. There is a magical feeling when it snows, and if you don’t have to brave it on the roads, why not cozy up under a warm blanket with a hot cup of coffee and take it all in.

ToqueCoal  / Duck Boots– Old Navy. Similar here /Blanket– (brought home from Mexico). Similar here  / Jeans– Valley Girl, Australia. Similar here / Coffee Mug– (brought home from France). Very similar here.

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