I know what you’re thinking, why is she blogging about styling a black longline bomber for spring? Have you heard the quote “Women who wear black lead colourful lives” by Neiman Marcus? This would be why. For one, I love neutrals and black in particular. It is sleek, figure flattering, classic, elegant and looks good on everyone. In all honesty, more than half my wardrobe is black! Nothing against colours, but I tend to shy away from them.

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So for the past 6 years, minus one, ok five, we’ll go with five, I have worked weekends. I knew that Flight Attendant’s worked weekends having grown up with one at home, but somehow I still didn’t realize that I was signing my early-mid twenties away when I took the job. Thankfully, I had WAY too much fun in university, which has helped me to do deal with all these years of FOMO. For those of you that don’t know what FOMO is, I’m referring to the ‘Fear of missing out’. Last summer I came across an article discussing why we need more ‘JOMO’ in our lives. JOMO is the ‘Joy of missing out’. Pretty sure this is someone’s way of making an excuse for their FOMO, but none the less I think it’s a great motto. It is ok to miss out on things. Life still goes on. Though you think after a while it would get easier, right? You wouldn’t mind missing out on your boyfriend’s birthday (4 years in a row) or your best friend’s bachelorette weekend, or a fabulous New Year’s Eve celebration, and don’t even get me started on Christmas, because I mean why would you care about missing out on all of these things!?

So to pay tribute to all those long lost weekends of fun being had, by what feels like EVERYONE I know, I created a top that I can wear that rare weekend I do not have to work. Best of all, it’s super cute and graphic tops are really on trend. View Post

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I’m calling this look ‘Tomboy Casual Chic’, because it screams just that. When I was living abroad in Auckland, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt meant getting dressed up for me. A little sad, I know, but it’s amazing how good a great pair of jeans can actually make you feel. When I wasn’t suiting up for my corporate day job in New Zealand, I was opting for a pair of my trustee leggings, a tank top, and finishing off my look with a tattered pair of flip flops and slouchy sweatshirt. Not the most stylish, or fashion forward outfit, but was it ever comfortable!

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So one of the things I love most about living on the West Coast or the ‘wet’ coast as one of my colleagues referred to it, is our ability to get outside and be one with nature all winter long. Yes, it rains A LOT, but our above zero temperatures and naturally mild climate make Vancouver one of the top destinations for outdoor adventurers. View Post

Ok, I am seriously in love with this coat. Between saving for my mortgage and budgeting for some of my other projects, I was really conflicted on whether or not to make the purchase. Yes, it’s from Forever 21 and under $45, but when you are trying to be frugal and not compulsively spend, all of these little things seem to add up and will factor in to whether or not you should make the purchase. I spotted it while on a layover in Denver, Colorado (PS. What a gorgeous city!!) I put it on hold and went back to the hotel to get ready for my pick up for my flight to Phoenix. Needless to say, I ran back to the store as I realized I could not leave it behind. View Post