The Perfect Running Coat for Winter

So one of the things I love most about living on the West Coast or the ‘wet’ coast as one of my colleagues referred to it, is our ability to get outside and be one with nature all winter long. Yes, it rains A LOT, but our above zero temperatures and naturally mild climate make Vancouver one of the top destinations for outdoor adventurers. You can literally get outside every day of the calendar year without freezing or sweating to death.  Something about a hot, stuffy, crowded and sweaty gym doesn’t always speak to me, so I love to get outside, breath the crisp mountain fresh air, and run. 

Since my brain is constantly on the hamster wheel, running has turned into an escape from my own mind. I can literally shut off and tune out everything that is going on at work and in my personal life. Another colleague of mine refers to me exercising (which I do constantly on my layovers) as recharging my batteries, and he’s right. I feel recharged, rejuvenated and motivated to take on the day.

One of my favourite things about working out is I can still look cute while doing it! Sure I will no doubt be a sweaty hot mess by the end of it, but there is something to be said for the popular saying of ‘look good, feel good’. It’s SO true! This coat is the perfect running coat for winter. It is super light weight, mesh lined for breathability, has a hood (important for all that rain I was referring to earlier), and is such a pretty colour. I also love that it is tapered at the back; that extra length keeps me warm around the waist, but doesn’t interfere with my stride when I run. It is also super figure flattering! I have received so many compliments on it, and you won’t believe that I found it at Winner’s. You never know what you are in for at that store, but they often have some amazing finds!

My entire look is linked below!

Lauren xo

Coat- Mondetta  / Leggings- Forever 21 / Hat- Asos / Runners- Nike (similar linked) / Nail Polish- Essie: Licorice



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