The Staple Denim Mini

Oh the staple denim mini. You know what I am talking about! We all have one tucked away in our closet from those early high school days when we were starting to come into our own. Grade 9, yes that would have to be the year when my inner fashionista really started to emerge. Thankfully this denim mini is NOT from Grade 9, but I’m sure you can see where I am going with this!

Denim mini’s have been around for what seems like FOREVER. So if you don’t already have one of these spring and summer staples in your closet, then here is why you need one!

A denim mini goes with EVERYTHING. They are that casual, timeless, effortless piece that you can throw on and say ‘Hello world, I’m ready for you!’ Ok, maybe that is slightly dramatic, but it will make you feel like you put some effort into your look! As much as I love fashion, I don’t always feel like putting a ton of thought and effort into my outfit. My denim mini does this FOR me. Right now, there are tons of cute denim mini’s out there, and an abundance of ways for you to style them.

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I’ve style this look with an adorable ruffle body suit from Target, and a pair of black suede booties.

May I suggest some other style options?

-Throw on a casual graphic or rocker tee with a pair of your favourite sneaks for a more dressed down look.

-How about pairing it with a cozy sweater, black tights and some cute booties for a cooler day in fall?

-In case you are feeling really sassy, style it with a pair of over the knee stunners.

I hope I have inspired you to pull your denim mini out of the closet! I would love to hear how YOU like to style your denim mini, so please leave me a comment!

-Lauren xo

Skirt- Forever 21 (similar) / Bodysuit- Target (identical) / Cardigan- Plenty (similar)  / Boots- BCBG from DSW / Hat- Plenty (similar) / Watch- Fossil

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